While a firm handshake still remains to be a phenomenal gesture to seal the deal, a lot of business transactions are now created and digitally signed on the virtual marketplace. You might want  to know more insights about social media sites, it’s time for you to invest your time on it.

socialmediaSocial Media Sites Definition

New social media sites come and go but there are social media sites that have stood the test of time. Social media or social networks are sites that are comprise of communities that are able to engage, connect, and share content in many ways. This is technically defined as a web-based communication platform that allows people to send and receive information and provide a collaborative environment. Social media isn’t just a catch phrase that goes with the internet trend. This has in fact become a part of everyone’s life – look at your own activity.  Does a major part of your life involve social media use?

It’s not just a socialization tool or for personal relationships, social media has now become a versatile and tangible tool for brands to thrive and create brand authority and relevance in the web marketplace. It’s an entirely different marketplace now – it’s digital, fast, and competitive.

Check out the top 4 social media sites that has started to take over the socialization landscape this 2018:


  • Facebook™. Officially there are 2 billion Facebook™ users.  According to socialmeidanews.com.au Social Media users in Australia are some of the most prolific in the world, with a total of around 60% of the country’s population an active user on Facebook™, and 50% of the country logging in at least once a day. The Facebook™ messenger and mobile app is also on the top list. Apart from being the largest and most popular social networking site to date, this is also a versatile platform that allows you to connect with family and friends while also sell products and services online with the use of Facebook™ Ads.
  • Instagram™. Find out how your competition uses instagram™ for their marketing purposes, and get ideas      from them until you have an idea of what will work best for your customers and your business. Look at their instagram™ profile. Analyze what, when and how they post, you can use that as reference to your posts.

Here’s Two More Social Media Sites Links

  • LinkedIn™. This is the official social media site for those who mean serious business. Yes, this professional networking site is an advantage to those who are looking to expand their business connections or would want to look for a job or hire a professional. You can also publish blog posts via the LinkedIn™ which you can share with your network of professionals. You can also effectively promote yourself here without sounding pushy.
  •         YouTube™. Owned by Google™, this is dubbed to be the second largest search engine frequented by billions of users worldwide. This is definitely a brand that has established itself as an authority as a search engine for people who are looking for music, films, TV shows, personal vlogs, and other types of videos. You can even post your own videos and build followers. This is a great social media tool for brands that are aiming to expand territories with the integration of videos online.

The beauty of social media sites

The beauty of social media is that it does not just provide you information but also interacts and communicates with you. The main selling point of social media sites is its ability to allow community-based interaction while being able to provide valuable information. Contrary to traditional media, social media is a two-way street. You get to communicate as well as send and receive information to different people in your network.



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