Without a doubt, social media marketing world has become huge over the past few years. Right now, 82% of businesses are using social media for branding purposes – and if your still on the fence or not using it at all for your business, then you are definitely missing out on a massive opportunity to get your brand out there.

It’s never too late to start and get the word out about your brand. You CAN grow your business with a social media strategy in place for 2018.  There have been some significant changes in algorithms for 2018 and in order to keep your business afloat, you must know how to go with the tide.

Here’s how you can get ahead in social media marketing world that is aligned with the trends for 2018:

  • Leverage your brand with MESSAGING APPS.  Once used to be an alternative to text messaging, messaging apps are now used by over 4 billion people for social media and business and apps like Facebook™ Messenger and whatsapp are being used by many brands as a leverage to get one-on-one with their target customers. Business and Brands can reach billions of people on different devices, anytime of the day or night.  Sales and customer service has become more intuitive, personalized and faster with these messaging apps. It has become an instantaneous form of engagement for both the brand and its customers. Its a cost-effective and scalable way for businesses and brands to become more engaged and responsive with customers is a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.
  • LIVE VIDEO will get better engagement. Facebook™ has recent announcement in its change in their algorithm means it will now focus more on personal network, friends and family, rather than the business pages people follow.  While many seem to see this as a threat to businesses, most brands have become optimistic especially because live videos can now heighten engagement. Facebook™ also sees a hike in the engagement of live videos which is more shareable than non-live ones. This also increases the potential for shares, likes, and comments. With this trend, as much as 14% of marketers have now integrated live video for their branding and 61% are also planning to increase their use of such.

 Competition in Social Media Marketing World

  • VIRTUAL REALITY to make an entrance. Virtual reality is set to command and conquer this 2018. Facebook™ has been working on a project called Space that allows online friends to connect in virtual reality. It provides an alternative way for users to express themselves in live videos in the form of VR. Facebook™ is planning to scale Spaces in 2018 and online brands are expecting to see an increase in sales by 25% and profit by 18%. Virtual reality is a great way to create brand awareness, relevance, and maximizes sales as it offers the user an impactful and immersive experience.  Through the use of storytelling you can transport people from their location into a memorable experience with your brand. These stories are also shareable and people respond better in terms of engagement and sales with the use of virtual reality.  This will be interesting for 2018, so watch this space and get onto it if it’s right for your brand.
  •  VOICE SEARCH will help in brand discovery. Voice-powered devices are fast making information readily and instantly accessible for everyone. The also learn individual preferences which help your ranking and relevance which can help you target the right (or more) audience for your brand.  Targeting the right people is a an important part of any strategy as it generally means you are targeting people who actually are interested in what you have to offer and are generally more interested to buy.

Social media marketing world and business is constantly evolving.  

Make sure you jump in for 2018 and not miss the train.  With emerging trends in social media, your will need to review and adapt your social media strategy throughout the year.  Don’t panic with any disruption or changes, embrace them as it will bring lasting results to your social media efforts and business. Social Media does not just bring your business exposure; it connects you with your customers and audience at a deeper and more engaging level.  Having a social media strategy in 2018 will provide your business with a dynamic and extensive presence which will help you increase your customer base and grow your business.

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