advantages of social mediaSocial Media has revolutionized the way people connect and communicate with each other and in 2018 it has such a effect on our communication style, it hard to imagine a life without social media in it.

Think of your own situation! Do you have loved ones on the other side of the world? Or just in another city? Have you been able to find long lost friends online? What about when disasters happen around the world, do you head to your phone or computer first to find out what is going on?

For many people around the globe it has removed the boundaries of time, distance, race, politics, economics and brought many people together, when in years gone by these obstacles would have meant that many of us drifted apart. And it’s for this very reason that its considered that social media has had a positive affect in our lives. The ability to connect with almost anyone, anywhere around the world makes social media ‘the most powerful’ communication medium available to us humans.


Social Business, is there such a thing?


social media for your brandSo it’s no wonder that for many businesses, the ability to ‘communicate’ and ‘connect’ with customers quickly and efficiently is a key driver for utilizing Social Media for their brand. Many businesses see the positive effects that social media has had in a commercial sense which has motivated them to become ‘active’ over past few years, helped many build global connections and online empires.

Building strong connections and collaborating with influencers, leaders and customers online is vital in today’s ever changing economic landscape and any social media platform will unashamedly claim, and even provide case studies, that the positive side effect of ‘their’ social media platform has allowed many business to grow revenue and find more or new customers.

Yep – there are still a few naysayers out there who whinge and whine that Social Media is dangerous, and to some degree they are right, if you engage on social media without care and integrity then it can work against you, BUT by enlarge if you are an ethical and inclusive brand and you handle yourself and your followers respectfully there is no reason why you shouldn’t flourish and you reap the positive effects of social media!

The old saying remains true – “You’ll get out of it what you put into it” and like anything in life it really depends on ‘how you look at’ social media and ‘how you manage’ your virtual presence that will ensure you get the most out of it.


Social Media Is Taking Over The World


Data shows that many of us can’t get through the day with logging in or checking each platform every few hours. So no matter what your preference is Facebook™, Linkedin™, or Instagram™ – the good news story for any business that is investing time and resources into a Social Media Marketing Strategy, then unless the world comes to an abrupt end, which you would probably find out first via Facebook™ anyway, then you know your time is well spent and social media for business is here to stay.


The Rise of the Machines


positive effect of social mediaInternet access and mobile devices are so entrenched into our lives now and our kids are getting mobile devices before they can even walk. Gosh, it’s hard to believe that 20 + years ago when you met that cute guy or gal at the bar, that we’d often have to wait by the phone for days hoping and praying they would ring and then act real cool about it when they did. Now, we can just friend or follow them online and see what they are up to every waking minute…….should the temptation arise.

Mobile phones are the number one device and we are inherently using them a lot more than desktop computers or laptops. Advertisers and big brands realize this and have come up with ways to become mobile-friendly with their ads, push notifications and alerts.

With people constantly on these devices and with the internet everywhere around us, Social Media has greatly has a positive affect in our lives and enhanced our ability to connect, communicate and participate in just a few clicks. If any of you reading this was born in the 70’s or before, remember when you had a pen pal and you’d wait months for a reply, or you would arrange to be at home at a certain time to talk to your friend on the telephone. Gosh the task of just trying to connect and keep up a friendship was something that would take days, months, or even years.

With the virtual world at our fingertips thanks to these devices – school students are able to pursue and further their studies without the cost of travel, companies are able to screen, interview and test people online with less hassle and professionals are able to make bigger networks and build strong alliances – all thanks to these little devices we grow up with and are just part of our daily norm.

Oh and what about the bots? Would you even know if some of those interactions you have with companies is even a real person or not? Well – let’s not get into that right now, because that’s a whole other article!!


social media advertising for businessThe Global Village


Heard of the term social butterfly? Imagine a place where these butterflies could flutter their wings 24/7 365 days a year! Well these social butterflies are probably the reason why social media took off in the first place. It’s the perfect environment to meet new friends, gossip about the latest celebrities, share thoughts and experiences and also the perfect world where they get to control just exactly how much they reveal about themselves.

The world has become one big global village thanks to social media and allowed parents to stay in touch with the kids once they’ve flown the coop, extended and new families to share special moments and long lost relatives find missing loved ones.

The global village is widening its scope and it is extremely popular for a good reason. It’s convenient, easy, and hassle-free because everything is done online and in just a few minutes.


The Age Of The Digital Footprint


Our digital footprint is also a massive opportunity for businesses, particularly in the e-commerce space as they can find new customers anywhere in the world. It’s a win-win for everyone and also means that new laptop you bought from USA could now serviceable and have a warranty in Australia.

Social Media advertising is generally very cheap for brands which can mean lower cost of goods, so see it as a positive side effect of Social Media and don’t be annoyed when your favourite brands start popping on your screen as they zero in on you with their latest promotion, as it generally means that product you’ve viewed a couple of times on their website has just gone on sale or about to go on sale.

Online shopping and retargeting via social media is NOW so big, its moved economies forward, transformed the way we as a society shop and made e-commerce and social media one of the biggest industries in this global village of ours.

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