Facebook™ Ads and PPC management are all the rage in the digital marketing space at the moment. So, why is it so important and how are they used to get customers to buy from us?


Have you ever heard the term sales funnel?


Well, this is a process of finding new potential leads (Top of Funnel) and funneling them through a sequence of events (Middle of Funnel) which then means you hopefully still have some interested qualified leads (Bottom of Funnel) that turn into paying customers . Put simply it’s the process your customers probably go through before buying from you.

These two methods, Facebook™ Ads and PPC management, basically grab people’s attention online and hurl them into the sales funnel without the need of cold calling or sales pitches.

Facebook™ Ads and PPC management, like Google™ Ads are cost effective ways of ‘grabbing people’s attention’ and is fast becoming the leading way for many businesses to advertise.


The Concept of Facebook™ Ads and PPC Management


PPC is an online advertising or marketing strategy which means you pay only when people click on your ads. This method ensures that you are paying for specific actions or conversions and not just for the advert to appear but for the actions made by customers on your ads.

PPC management can be complex because there are a number of methods and all are not equal. There are plenty of networks to choose from to run your PPC campaigns with the most popular being Google™ Ads. With Google™ Ads you can have your ads run on private websites and on the google™ search network for example and when someone googles a keyword or phrase similar to what you have set up in your campaigns then you can show up via their search results….you know – their those resutls which generally show right at the very top and have a little ‘‘ad” symbol, but it also offers partner networks and their powerful display network. The display network includes ability to show your ads on and where companies can put more engaging and interactive banners or video such as YouTube and Gmail.

More so, Bing also has its own PPC campaigns which allows you to run your ads on different Microsoft search partners but doesn’t seem to have the same following as Google™. If you are doing business in USA, then consider Bing, as it seems to be a growing search engine there, but not so much in Australia.

The ability to be able to retarget people who have visited your website or engaged in one of your ads is where PPC is worth its weight in gold. A well executed retargeting campaign can reel new and existing customers offering exceptional ROAS (return on ad spend)


The Popular Model – Facebook™ PPC Campaigns


And this is where Facebook™ really comes into its own. ‘Senator, We Run Ads” has made it abundantly clear that Facebook™ intends to lead the way for PPC options offered via their very own Facebook™ Ads platform.

Facebook™ PPC Management is now the lead ads platform for many marketers. In-fact there is now a whole new set of digital marketers that are specifically specialising in just Facebook™ Ads. If you got them in front of a Google™ Ads campaign manager, they’d probably have a mini-melt down and it would seem gooble-de-gook to them.

The reason why so many marketers are now offering this service, or shifting to it is because it’s so cost-effective and generally generates better results v.s. other ad platforms.

Facebook™ ads is now becoming a solid part of any digital marketer’s strategy. Apart from really impeccable and high-strung content, paid advertising is all about providing and amplifying your engagement to bring in more customers. So, if you have or gain a lot of engagement on your content or site, then you should seriously consider using this to your advantage and invest in Facebook™ Ads. You see – if you have lots of likes, shares, comments, or robust activity on your page or site, then the Facebook™ Ad gods like this and they reward you with lower cost per click and the algorithm will kick in and try and find you more customers. Why?? – because they want you to like them and spend more money with them on your ads.

But and there’s a BIG BUT – if your content is crap, you are not relevant to your target audience, you dont post regularly, or website is slow, you ads have too much text or people hide or block you, then the tables will turn on you my friend and they can turn very quickly.

So make sure you look after your page, do the right thing, have great content, dont be over salesy in your ads and make sure you get LOTS happening on your ads in the ‘engagement’ department.

Does that mean you shouldn’t pay for reach? NO certainly not. If you are serious about your business, then you need to pay for reach. How else is someone going to engage in your content if you don’t reach them?


Should You Boost Your Posts?


Everyone’s got an opinion on this one and here’s mine!

Boosting a post is a great way to get your content seen by a few more people and with Facebook™ algorithms hitting businesses hard in the ‘organic’ reach this year, then putting some budget behind your well performing posts (as little as $5 a day) makes good sense. It can help the overall engagement on your page, BUT it is NOT a solid strategy or on its own it won’t necessarily lead to growth and sales.


What About Retargeting?


Well this is where Facebook™ Ads really shines! Retargeting is especially good for lead generation for dentists, lawyers, gyms or anyone else offering a service. But if you are an ecommerce businesses, then its GOLD for you! If you have customers, adding to cart but not purchasing, then unless you are retargeting then you are just letting money walk right out the door.

A well structured retargeting Facebook™ Ad campaign can not only promote your page and attract attendees to your events, generate leads, get people to come into your store, but it can also generate sales by targeting people who are having birthdays soon, getting married, other special occasions but you can also target their friends that fit into any of the categories mentioned above – insert WOW face emoji.


Where to Start with your PPC Advertising


First and foremost you need to set a plan.

  • What is your objective? Ie what action are you trying to get people to take? Call? Click through to website? Finalize checkout?
  • Who is your target audience? Ie new customers? Friends of your fans? People who abandoned cart?
  • What is your budget? If your audience is too big for the budget then customize it according to age, gender, location, interests, and the like.
  • What will your ad be? You can create a new advertisement or repurpose an existing post and test it against a few different audiences or objectives to find out who/what is offering the best conversion.

Final Thoughts


Your advertising strategy should evolve with your business, so you will constantly need to check the results against your industry benchmarks, desired outcome and adjust accordingly.

There are so many benefits for engaging in PPC and Facebook™ Ads and once you have it down pat, you will gain the upper hand and turn the window shoppers into customers quicker than you can say ‘cash or card?’